A Global Company with Global Solutions

  Empowering the business with Information Technology solutions.

  Providing qualitative and cost effective solutions.

1   Building knowledge base by continuous learning across the organization.
..:: Overview ::..

Infinity Business Solutions - Infysol is a knowledge driven IT based business solution company primarily focusing on wealth and value generation by using and developing qualitative and cost effective IT Solutions.

At Infinity Business Solutions, People, Product and Processes converge to create compelling, high-value, low-cost solutions in record time.

Whether a company is looking for a complete end-to-end enterprise software solution or a specific application such as customer relationship management, supply chain, or financial accounting, Infinity Business Solutions - Infysol can deliver it. Infysol leverages ground-breaking technologies like Web services in developing industry-specific solutions for manufacturing, distribution, enterprise service automation, hospitality and more, that enable companies to immediately drive efficiency throughout business operations and build competitive advantage.

Infinity Business Solutions provides qualitative and cost effective offshore outsourcing solutions to its client to gain global competitive edge. We develop in house solutions on Linux, BSD, Unix and Windows Platform using open source technologies, Java as well as Microsoft .Net. Also provides solutions for Grid Computing and Network monitoring for effective utilization of available resources.

In the fast-paced digital economy, when the cycle of 'innovation to production to obsolescence' is becoming increasingly shorter and the current CIO community is facing the new challenge of meeting growing expectations with limited budgets, we bring solutions that not only improve your time to market, they keep your costs to the lowest possible and contribute to your company's profitability.

Our expertise comes from highly skilled, talented and energy driven team which continuously strive for excellence, thus competing with themselves to provide the most effective solutions.


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