An article in The Wall Street Journal (“Small firm’s Outsource Abroad by Tapping Offshore Producers” January 7, 2004), tells of large, industrial customers giving their smaller suppliers an ultimatum. They’ve said, “If they [the smaller company suppliers] don’t have an offshore operation within six to 12 months, they will lose business to competing producers who do.”
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Outsourcing helps companies focus on their core business. Infysol understands that the support functions firms outsource, while non-core, are nonetheless critical to their business.
Our services bring significant value to clients such as

  • Flexible Scalable resources
  • Increased productivity of Seniors
  • Cost Advnatages
  • 24X7X365 Support
  • Highly Skilled Workforce

Areas that we serve includes

  • Business Research
  • Investment Research
  • Market Research
  • Legal Research
  • Document, Content, and graphics research.
  • E-documentations, scanning, canvasing.
  • Business Administration Services
  • Technical and non technical support services.



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